“Relationship” has been the magic word in my life. I promise that I may have heard or read that word every day for the last month in the context of romance, family, friends, acquaintances, or networking period. It has been everywhere; therefore I have been forced to examine those I currently have in my life.  I did not go down this road with the intention of losing or producing relationships. I guess I realized the importance of being deliberate about the ones I have. I also recognized that I had to step into my destiny without holding back due to the fear of losing those relationships.

This concept is especially meaningful when analyzing my relationship with Christ. When I started this blog, I questioned how much I would share my journey in Christ with you all. I thought to myself that I wanted to love, uplift and motivate people, including those who do not believe in Christ. I questioned whether or not I would be able to impact a non-believer’s life if he/she could not connect with the love I have for my God. I felt that professing my blessings would slight a non-believer and I did not want to lose out on the chance of appealing to someone in need because he/she does not believe what I believe.

After a while of starting the blog, I felt that something was wrong. I felt like my relationship with God was not as fulfilling as it once was, and I knew it had something to do with my actions. I was not praying as often. I was not praising him as often. Not because I did not want to praise him. I thought about it every day, but did not know how to repair the damage. So, I prayed to God and asked that he fill me up with more of him and less of this world. Less of me.

While in mid prayer, there was a “ding” that signified a notification on my phone. After I finished my prayer, I looked at my phone and there was a bible verse. 1 John 3:18. My little children let us not love in the word, neither in tongue, but in deed and in truth. Now, yall know I am emotional, and even more so lately. But God came through, and it was so immediate.  I was almost brought to tears by that one indication. God was demanding that I not only profess my love, but that I live in it. And I plan to do just that. I’ve realized that the path that I am on may not include all of the relationships I currently have. Some may not understand or support my direction, but as long as my relationship with God is intact, I have faith in my triumph.

What has been a confirming moment in your life lately? Sound off in the comments!


Sandra Renee

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