Sandra Renee

IMG_6441I have always been a go getter. Not in the sense of being cut throat and uncensored, but I’ve always pushed myself to meet my goals. I have never sat down. I have never been quiet. I found my voice at a young age and ever since I knew I had it, I used it. My dad raised me to know what I want, to never beg, and to work hard to bring my vision into fruition. He knew the barriers I would face in the “real world.” I got my fierceness and my focus from my dad, I got everything else from my mom. My nurturing nature. My sense of optimism. My protectiveness of love. I got that all from her. They undoubtedly handed me the keys to success through my genes, and I would be doing them a great disservice if I was to just let them go to waste.

So I am going to use the hell out of them. Especially in my new quest to, not only move across the country (Columbus, OH to Houston, TX) but to pursue my PhD in Social Work.

So, when I make a change in life, it’s always so drastic. Change must be BIG, or how do you know it’s change, right?

OK, I try to deny it, but I may be a little dramatic.

I am originally from Washington, DC. At the tender age of 17, I moved to North Carolina to pursue my bachelors at the oh so remarkable North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.  I went from living in the nation’s capital, a melting pot of cultures, and under my parent’s roof, to being a freshman at a Historically black college, in the south, in a city full of college students where I did not know anyone. It was such a drastic change, but I was in black girl heaven. I was literally growing up in a place surrounded by people whose experience was similar (not the same) as mine. It was a haven full of growth.  After I finished my undergraduate career, I moved to the Mid-west to enroll in The Ohio State’s Masters of Social Work program. What a culture shock that was. I mean, my first day on campus was confusing. I was walking out of the door behind a group of six guys and no one held the door for me. In North Carolina, I rarely had to touch door handles. Not because of who I am or how I look, but because chivalry was alive and well down there. It was little things like that, being the theatrical soul that I am, I had to get used to. And although it took a while, I grew accustomed to life in Columbus, Ohio.

Nonetheless, I am ready to tackle the next phase in my life. I want to handle it differently though. I’m so used to planning and having expectations for the change. I want to take life as it comes. Live in the moment.

So I am headed in a new direction. Embarking on a new journey. I am headed to H-Town! I am going to freely explore the city, take University of Houston’s Graduate School of Social Work’s PhD program by storm, get involved in the political community in Houston, and bring you along the way! Who’s ready? Here we go!

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